Zion National Park (Video)

Our video of Zion National Park, Utah – We spent a week camping in this amazing park. It really does have everything, but it is expensive.

This is basically a shaky park brochure. The previous video of the 6 pack firestarter was also shot in Zion. When you see the Angels Landing hike portion you may want hold on and make sure you are on solid ground. This was the scariest hike I have ever done. Only a chain to hold on to while traversing the steep terrain. The scenery and views were incredible. There was a lot more video of the big horn sheep but I lost some files due to moisture and technology malfunction. We hit Zion up after Death Valley.

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Zion National Park, Utah was just about everything that you could want in an U.S. National Park. The camping facilities were well taken care of including always having toilet paper in the flush-able commodes. The bus system that takes you through the park was the best idea that I saw in any of the U.S. parks and it was only in Zion. No yucky cars and traffic like in Yellowstone and continuous recordings of park history that took you back in time and informed you about the animal life in the park while you were on your way to your destination.

Fall Color Zion National Park Utah

 Virgin River

Virgin River Zion National Park


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