Wet Three Toed Sloth

Wet Three Toed Sloth in Limon Costa Rica stranded under a heavy tree banch.

During a rather heavy storm this weekend this very wet three toed sloth fell about 25 feet when the tree top that he was in broke off from the rest of the tree. We had known that he lived there and had previously named him Stinky. We have a larger three toed that lives towards the front of our farm that we call Binky and yet another that we see from time to time, a two toed, towards the back whose name is Carl. The dogs found her first and didn’t attempt to hurt her but circled him and started barking. Barry picked her up and placed her in our lemon tree to get him off of the ground. We let him rest, took some pictures and video (Sloth Rescue Video)  and will put him back in his old tree today.

Three toed sloth costa rica
Wet three toed sloth hanging on treeGet this image on a shower curtain to make your bathroom cuter! HereSloth image on a shower curtain
Wet three-toed sloth on tree in Costa Rica

To see what she looks like dry click here

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