Two types of Sloth – Man and animal (VIDEO)

There are two types of sloths, one man and one animal

*Looking back at this video is hard. It has horrible editing, bad grammar & all sorts of things wrong with it. Shows our early progress but not worth your time. Kim 2/14

Our video shows one of our cute sloths in his Guarumo tree, a very pretty pit-viper and the greatest thing to happen to us since we have been here. If you read the last post you know that the old man that was living on our farm had a stroke. The diagnosis is that he will not have the use of his entire left side, so that means he is all right. (Thanks Jerry :)) The man’s daughter came to go through his things and I told her to plan a day and take nothing or take everything. She came with a truck and took the metal roofing, a radio, the machetes and boots, a few pieces of lumber and left us with a pile of rubbish to dispose of. As of today, he just got out of the hospital and moved in with her. Below are some images that Barry took before we demolished the place and some of the pit viper that you see in the video.

The farm is shaping up nicely but we still have 10+ hours a day in the field just to keep weeds down and food growing. The internet has been sketchy but we are making it through, sorry if we haven’t been able to skype much. Last but not least, Cathy Bishop Katterjohn thank you so much for the plastic wine glasses they arrived safe and sound and we are enjoying a fresh mandarin screwdriver in them as I am typing. You said I would see them when I least expected to and you were right!

Blue hognosed pit viper
HDR’s of the inside living quarters.

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