Going Beyond the Tourist Experience – Stay with a Peace Corps Volunteer

How to get the very best vacation on a budget. Stay with a Peace Corps Volunteer.

If you are interested in going beyond the traditional tourist experience, call a Peace Corps volunteer. Seriously, these volunteers live in the most remote villages of the country, speak the language, find the best, cheapest places to eat and will do just about anything for a free beer.

Have you ever paid $40 for a cab ride and then found out that locals only pay $20? Do you ever stay on the resort because you can’t understand a thing anyone off the grounds is saying? Do you find yourself feeling really sorry for all the poor kids standing at the bus station until you realize that your wallet is gone? If so, you don’t have to go through this! E-mail the Peace Corps Director of the country in which you are traveling. They will send out notice to all in-country volunteers. You may be overwhelmed by all the volunteers that would love to have a visitor in their village or meet up in the town for some sightseeing and drinks. All the while, getting you a vacation that no travel agent could plan.

Go to www.peacecorps.gov. Search for your destination and get the facts on how many volunteers are in the country and contact information for the countries Peace Corps Director.

This works. I should know I hosted three sisters from Utah while volunteering in Tanzania. They were grateful to not have to learn Swahili!

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