Three Toed Sloth after Storm

Three Toed Sloth after a Storm on our Farm in Limon

After about 3 hours the rain stopped and Stinky, the three toed sloth, started to get back to normal. He moved around a little bit and ate the plantain that Barry put out for him. When he seemed settled Barry took a few more shots before we attempted to move him back to his tree. A sloth has an amazing grip so it wasn’t easy to move him. We cut down a small tree and laid it up against the lemon tree and coaxed him to the temporary tree. See the video here, Sloth Rescue in Costa Rica.
The green that is on his back and arms is moss that collects because a sloth doesn’t move a lot. He only goes to the ground once every two weeks to go to the bathroom because he is so vulnerable to predators during that time. He actually has bugs, pretty large ones, that live in his fur. It’s gross so I wouldn’t want one in or around the house but their face are so freakin’ adorable. It’s like we have a living stuffed animal.

Three Toed Sloth Costa Rica

Look at that face! You can see what he looked like the day he fell from the tree Three Toed Sloth Wet and Sad. You can also find this adorable creature in our Costa Rica Wildlife Calendar.
Sloth Limon Costa Rica
Three Toed Sloth Costa Rica

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