Three-Toed Sloth Rescue in Limon Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Three-Toed Sloth Rescue Video in Limon Costa Rica

A Thunderstorm Knocked Stinky, the Three-Toed Sloth from a Tree

We recently had some events happen here on the farm that were cause for great distress but as you know periods of great distress are often followed by relief and happiness. When the storms come here there is no advanced notice. The sky turns dark and then rain just shoots from the sky using all the gravity that it can contain. I believe that it could bruise a very thin person : ). The streams up in the mountains burst open and send all the water down our way. These rains have taken out our bridge several times and there are many bridges here in Costa Rica that have been out for years.

This video details Barry’s heroic sloth rescue during one of these major storms. The sloth had fallen from a tree and was trapped under a heavy branch. Our dogs were barking at it. It couldn’t move on its own and had to be rescued. Luckily, Barry saw the entire thing and was running out of  the house to help. We didn’t know it at the time but the sloth was pregnant when she fell. Watch the video to see the baby born only a month after the fall.

Images of the sloth just after the fall are here Three Toed Wet Sloth or images the next day when she dried Three Toed Sloth Close

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