St. James Church Ruins Cartago, Costa Rica The Legend of the Headless Priest

St. James Church Ruins Cartago, Costa Rica, a historic relic.

St. James Church Ruins Cartago Costa Rica

The Headless Priest Legend

According to a popular legend, there were two brothers who lived in colonial Cartago city. One of them was a single, nice and loved person and the other a priest. A rivalry arose between them as both fell in love with the same woman, who chose and married the lay brother. The priest was infuriated, and did everything he could to destroy his brother. Then, in 1577 during the new years mass he saw his brother in the church and killed him with a knife. In penance for his mortal sin he built a church for the city, but one year afterwards an earthquake destroyed it. Each time it was rebuilt, another new earthquake destroyed it, until 1910 when it was canceled and thought to be a cursed site. It is also said that in foggy nights, it is possible to see the priest, headless, inside the ruins, wandering for eternity as his penance for desecrating a holy site. – Wikipedia

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