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New Shoes for the New Year in Costa Rica! (Video)

New Year’s| Celebrating a New Year in Costa Rica December 7th completed our first year here in Costa Rica. The New Year’s party we attended definitely gave us hope for the upcoming year. I bought a pair of new shoes for the new year and danced all night on a gravel driveway in them (not the

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An Age Old Question – Starting a New Life in your 40’s

Starting a New Life at 40? What was I thinking? We stayed overnight at a friend’s house recently so that we could be there early the next morning to catch their great green macaw saying “Quiero Café” or “I want coffee”. Cocito comes into the house sits on the back of his own chair and

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Butter, Bounty and the Toucan – Our new life in Costa Rica Begins (VIDEO)

Making Butter, Collecting Fruit and the Birds – Our new life in Costa Rica Begins We arrived on December 7th and it has rained every day save for three since then. The Caribbean rainy season can last until February and then begins again in August. It is the rain that keeps everything this lovely shade

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Plans to move to Costa Rica

Updates and Transitions – Preparing for the Move to Costa Rica

Updates and Transitions – Preparing for the move to Costa Rica All kinds of fun stuff going on since the last post. Coleman got back to us with a big thumbs down on our trip sponsorship. The reason, no budget. Really Coleman? If your CEO decided that he wanted to finger paint our truck I

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