Swimming with Birds & Monkeys & Building the Cabin

Swimming with birds & monkeys & Building the cabin in Costa Rica

Enjoying Nature in Costa Rica while building the cabin, our video

You may notice that Barry is editing this video. He claims that in the past I would make fun of him by being biased in what clips I decided to use. I vehemently deny the claims and told him that he was more than welcome to make the videos himself. So in this one he childishly makes it appear that I get over zealous about one long piece of wood. I must admit that while I am extremely impressed the long pieces of wood I do not think that repeating my words over and over in the video has the desired comedic effect. : )

Follow along as we build our cabins, our guest quarters and finally our house in the mountains. Here is an updated version of this cabin Finally, the Cabin

This video includes swimming with Birds, amongst friends in a natural pool with monkeys and watching and the latest building developments on our cabin.

Natural Water Slide Costa Rica

You too can find this. After a 30 minute hike from a spectacular vista, high on the Western side of the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica. It’s a naturally formed slide that leads the rider to a dip into a turquoise pool that is deeper than 10 feet. The water is crystal and the white-throated capuchins watch from high in the treetops. I know this for a fact because I was there yesterday and have a future invitation to return! Eeeeee (like a school-girl).

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