Grand Teton National Park, statistics from our USA trip(VIDEO)

Grand Tetons National Park and Statistics of our USA trip so far…

The view from just behind our campsite was incredible, make sure you ask for site #71. Jackson Hole Lake leads right up to the mountains. Grand Teton National Park is on the West side of Southern Wyoming. There are not a lot of places to get good shots of the Tetons so you have to find your own special view. Even the sunset spot that everyone talks about is sub-par. Just get out there are do your best!

Grand Teton NP and Michael Jackson in Idaho

I made this video fairly short for all of you that don’t have time to sit around and watch someone else having fun. It includes Grand Teton National Park which was stunning in the morning light & offered free coffee in the morning to people who walked into the lodge and acted like they actually were paying to stay there. The video also has the City of Rocks park in Idaho where I swear I saw MJ.

Historic Cabin with Tetons in the Background

Historic Cabin Grand Teton National Park

View from spot #71 in camping area

Grand Tetons Reflection Lake

Statistics on our trip so far:
Trip Start Date : September 15, 2010

States visited : Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado

Mileage : 5600

Highest Gas Price : $4.24 for a gallon in Death Valley NP
Lowest Gas Price : $2.60 in Moab, Utah

Truck Maintenance : New Starter, Rear Caliper, Alternator, Battery, Oil change

Best Food : Eggs Benedict in Grand Teton

Best Micro Brew: Pumpkin Ale in Utah. The second runner up is Polygamy Porter also from Utah. These guys may not know how to party but they sure can brew a great beer.

$ found on trip: $.73. Most of it is just on the ground that no one bothers to pick up. I found $.39 of it in Yosemite campground.

If you have any idea’s for places to stay & must see’s along our route or know someone willing to put us up for a night please e-mail me @ Thanks!

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