Spooky Things in Costa Rica

Spooky Things in Costa Rica. Our first few months were a bit scary.

Ewww, this video shows the scary side of Costa Rica. Our first few months here have been eye opening to say the least! Barry found what he thought was a Hog Nosed Rainforest Pit Viper above his head, but turned out it was a Cloudy snail eater, in this bird-blind while taking photo’s of birds.  I had a tarantula walking on my face in the middle of the night.and bats bombarded us one night. We are both still alive and have a strong pulse thanks to the blood pumping so hard! This life has its challenges. So much spooky wildlife in Costa Rica.


I was going through old posts and videos like this one and thought that I should clean them off the site. We were so different then everything was new to us. Then I thought, what a good lesson it was to see this. After a few years you find that a tarantula is not scary at all and they play with your stick when you put it in their den, a snake when photographed is one of the most beautiful creatures. The newness the awe that was felt the first time we encountered these things for the first time should be relished and not deleted. Memories can be fun, even if you were silly.

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