New Shoes for the New Year in Costa Rica! (Video)

New Year’s| Celebrating a New Year in Costa Rica

December 7th completed our first year here in Costa Rica. The New Year’s party we attended definitely gave us hope for the upcoming year. I bought a pair of new shoes for the new year and danced all night on a gravel driveway in them (not the best way to treat new shoes) they fair-ed well though. They are made from Guatemalan fabric in bright colors, as you can see. It made we want to visit Guatemala and get some more fabric. You can see drapes I made from the fabric in the post Buy it or Make it

The party was at our closest neighbors house so all we had to do was walk down our driveway and BAM instant party. Israel, the patriarch of the family had the nicest, biggest outdoor grill I had seen here and since he is a pig farmer there was meat covering the whole thing. Yummy! His wife Virginia (pronounced Ver-hin-e-a) walked around making sure that everyone had full cups and more food. There were fireworks and a pinata for the kids as you can see in the video. It was the latin party from every movie I have ever seen, music waaaaay to loud, crazy dancing, lots of food and drink and the Alpha male, Don Israel watching over with approving or disapproving glances.

A neighborhood New Year's Eve Party

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