Satiny Parrot Snake (Leptophis depressirostris)

Satiny Parrot Snake (Leptophis depressirostris) from Limon, Costa Rica eating a tree frog and on bamboo.

This Satiny Parrot Snake had just captured this frog as we came upon it. We had to be sure he knew we were not any danger and that he could finish eating. He was having a bit of difficulty securing the frog until he settled and got down to business. The tree frog struggled the entire time and was still moving slightly after becoming totally engulfed in the parrot snakes body. It’s interesting that both of these creatures are mostly arboreal possibly this chase started in the trees.

These images are in succession starting with capture. They were taken in the exact place that the capture happened on our farm and not in a Serpentarium.

Snake captures Frog

First Strike

Parrot Snake eats frog

Pulling Frog in with Jaws

parrot Snake (Leptophis Depressirostris)

Smilisca’s One Last Look at the World 

Parrot Snake (Leptophis depressirostris)

This Parrot Snake had Frog Legs Last

Parrot Snake on Bamboo

This is another Satiny Parrot Snake. We found him and placed him on the bamboo in order to get a more artistic view of this beauty of nature. At first, he was very slippery and didn’t want to have his picture taken. After a little time to calm down he stayed on the bamboo. He has venom but only enough to stun his prey. 

Rainy season in Costa Rica really is the best time to get images. The air is humid and the colors dense. You can see how we take snake pictures here.

parrot snake costa rica

Green Parrot Snake

green snake head shot

Head Shot

Obviously, these parrot snakes are all over the place here in Costa Rica.

Mexican Parrot Snake (Leptophis mexicanus)

This parrot snake has slightly different coloration we saw him in Cahuita National Park.

Parrot Snake Cahuita

Mexican Parrot Snake

green parrot snake

Leptophis Mexicanus



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