Safari Journal Part 2

 Safari Journal PART 2

8-20-00 – I’m
thinking of the different species of animals. Their natural defenses,
camouflages, and habits. Several similarities stand out between them and people
I know.

The lion is the  successful businessman. His prowess and demeanor are always one of a winner. This leads to the belief that meekness equals loss. His neck is protected more
and more with age. He gets what he wants by letting others do the work. He is a
leader by making others think he is dependent on them. His control is in his

The leopard is camouflage. A manipulator. Solitary. Hiding himself until all the signals are right and it’s time to pounce. A person you might meet only to compete against
and find that you’ve lost, all the while thinking that the fight was only

A baboon is a woman with a few children and many marriages. She is the nurturer of her children. No matter who the father is. She looks at each male only judging them by their qualifications at her time of need. She learns the same lessons over and over
again but has no regrets. Justifying her actions by the needs of her offspring.

A gazelle is a model, using it’s beauty to attract attention. Graceful and poignant. One that could never hold up their end of a fight but the ability to let the group of
admirers she has built around her do it for her.

Birds, whose color is plentiful, only mix with their own kind. I equate this with a man who’s favorite shirt has a Hawaiian print. He only wears this shirt because he feels
more outgoing with it on but in truth would rather sit in introspect. He
relishes the phrase “Nice shirt”, but can only truly appreciate the compliment
if it comes from another man in a Hawaiian shirt. For this man relates on his

The hartebeest is the actor. Licking up her calf’s urine and feces to eliminate, from a predator, any sign of her child. An actor is much the same. Living out their dreams in characters. Getting attention for who they can become rather than who they are. Hiding. The only thing they will allow another person to detect is their strength, not their
weakness. They only act weak. How easy it is for them to hide and protect the
young helpless child inside. If they should become careless and forget to lick
up that last bit of urine, they feel invaded. They will accept their loss and
move on, to begin again.

What animal am I?
Surely I would like to think that I am the strong, stable lioness. The hunter
with dignity and confidence. Making one out of every ten kills. Showing my
strength only when needed and my calmness and beauty at other times. Maybe I am
the zebra. Appearing the same as a larger group, but upon closer inspection
showing subtle, unique markings. Letting myself become the hunted to meet the
greater good of my herd. I certainly don’t feel like a bird of prey. One that
sits high above the landscape of life only mingling when I feel the need to

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