Rain Forest Hog Nosed Pit Viper (Porthidium nasutum)

A collection of our Rain Forest Hog Nosed Pit Viper images.

These different snakes have all been collected here on our property. We started collecting them for photographing in 2011. Some general characteristics are:

Rain forest hog nosed pit vipers don’t care to be bothered. We have come upon every one of these and their response is to lay perfectly still. They blend so well with the leaf litter or jungle floor that it is in their best interest to lie still.

Males are generally small and thin while females are longer and stouter. A male will be a mere 18 inches long while females have been discovered at 25 inches. Females give birth to living young, up to 14 at a time.

Adult’s eat mostly mammals while juveniles will eat lizards and frogs as well. The tail of a juvenile is more brightly colored and they¬†move it around to lure prey closer.

These snakes are terrestrial. We have put some on branches for identification or photography reasons.

porthidium nasutum

Vertical eye with horizontal stripes

porthidium nasutum

The light colored tail means a juvenile

porthidium nasutum

Darkest colored

female porthidium nasutum

Probably a female due to the size

porthidium nasutum

Changing Colors

pit viper head shape

A flat, diamond shaped head

Rainforest Hog Nosed Pit Viper

Blue Rainforest Hog-Nosed Pit-Viper

Hog Nosed Pit Viper

A Viper’s Head and Tail

When we found this hog-nosed pit viper he knew just what to do with it, make it look scary. I have given up on trying to make people like snakes. In the past we used lighting that was friendly, put the snake some place conspicuous so people could see the beauty of the snake, etc. etc.

We said to hell with that we are going sinister this time. So we searched our jungle for just the right mushroom and this is the evil, nasty snake from biblical times that will take your children at night and slowly swerve around in your hair while you sleep.

Porthidium nasutum

Blends right in doesn’t it?

Porthidium nasutum

Head Shot

Porthidium nasutum

Found near our house in Limon.

Porthidium nasutum

A juvenile. Do you know why?

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