Racer Snakes in Costa Rica

Four Racer Snakes in Costa Rica from the Colubridae family, all found on the Caribbean slope.

Racers are widely known to be eaters of frogs. They live where the frogs live, which is along riverbanks and creek beds. The racers are diurnal because so are frogs. All snakes in the Colubridae family have nine symmetrical plates covering the top of the head and vents, or bellies, that are a different color than their top and all lay eggs to reproduce. They all are quick and spirited in their movements.

Salmon Bellied Racer (Mastigodryas melanolomus) *possibly decorata

This snake is common on lowland forest floors in secondary growth forest or disturbed areas. This is the first Racer found on our property.

racer snake salmon (Mastigodryas melanolomus)

salmon bellied racer snake (Mastigodryas melanolomus)

Speckled Racer (Drymobius margaritiferus)

This speckled racer was recently found. It was on the first day of sun after a long rainy season. The snake was curled up between some rocks warming itself. Speckled Racers can be found from Southern Texas to Columbia.

Drymobius margaritiferus

Speckled Racer (Drymobius margaritiferus)

Speckled Racer (Drymobius margaritiferus)

This adult Speckled Racer was near our compost pit approximately 2 months later.


Adult Speckled Raver


snake tongue

It smells with its tongue

Neo-Tropical Racer (Mastigodryas melanolomus)

This snake although not venomous is aggressive and will bite, causing a numb pain. It can be found from Mexico to Panama. This guy was particularly fast, leading me a search and seizure mission that lasted 45 minutes.

neeo-tropical racer (Mastigodryas melanolomus)

Racer Snakes in Costa Rica

Mastigodryas melanolomus

Brown Forest Racer (Dendrophidion percarinatum)

This snake was spotted at Le Selva Biological Reserve which is approximately 3 hours Northwest of our property.

Racer Snakes in Costa Rica

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