About the Property in Matina, Limon

Welcome to 10 Degrees Above in San Miguel de Matina, Limon.

The Forest

The forest here is a second growth forest comprised of different tree species. The most abundant tree is Gavilan, a tropical hardwood. The Gavilan grows tall and has created a shady canopy that stretches 30 feet high. This shady canopy offers protection to birds, small mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

Gate in jungle creek

Front Gate to the Farm

There is roughly 7 hectares (17 acres) of property left untouched so the wildlife that exists can flourish in its own natural way. There is a trail which goes through the area so species, flora and fauna can be observed.

See photos of the forest trails and a woolly opossum who lives here —-) Forest Trails & Woolly Opossum



There are several small creeks, some seasonal, and natural springs that create a wonderland of life along the banks. A renowned herpetologist visited our farm and said “You have an amazing amount of wildlife for such a small piece of earth”.

The Waterways 

One stream, named Quebrada Calderon, wraps around 1/2 of the property’s Southern and Eastern borders. It is fed by two streams that come down from the mountains to the South of us. Just before the property line, the stream breaks off into two parts and the smaller part becomes the interior creek and the larger part meets with a second creek that forms what you see below. During rainy season there is quite a bit more water, but it consistently has moving water.

blue water stream

Calderon Stream


If you are coming to Costa Rica to relax and build up your health I can help with that too. I grow local, natural foods and medicines & can show you how to use them. The land basically made its own Permaculture design. The farm had slopes so I only needed to add contouring. There are waterways so I have created food borders and plenty of space for the staple carb crops of plantain and cassava (yuca). Visit the food section to learn more about how I feed myself and keep myself happy and healthy.

I moved countries to buy a farm with its own water source and some forest that I could protect. As I become more sustainable and dependent on the land I realize how manipulated my previous values were. Follow along with me as I build a new life. Homesteading is much harder than I thought but practice makes perfect. I make my own sugar, chocolate, spices and medicine.

ginger tumeric

Fresh Ginger and Tumeric

hibiscus tea

All Natural Tea








What I Grow

The agriculture section of the property is a variety of fruit and local nut trees, planted starches, sugar cane, herbs and spices. I have quite a few posts about each type of food so click on the link if you would like to learn more about it.

In areas surrounding the stream I’ve planted vanilla and black pepper vines, cacao, cardamom, ginger, turmeric and mulberry trees and in the flat agricultural area I’ve planted banana, plantain, sugar cane, cassava and squash.

There are exotic fruits such as araza, starfruit, caimito, cas and nance as well as water apple, a type of lichi and two types of limes. I planted mangoes, figs and mulberries on the hilly area below the house so I can watch the toucans and tanagers feast on the ripe fruit. The hill also provides proper drainage for the delicate roots of the fruit trees.

Around the rest of the property there are 5 handmade passion fruit arbors at any given time, sweet and hot peppers, pigeon pea, moringa and katuk. Herbs such as basil, stevia, oregano, 3 mints, lemongrass, chai and chan.

yellow fruits

A Morning’s Harvest


breadnut seed

Nutritious Seeds