New Apartment in Costa Rica

Our New Apartment in Costa Rica and getting permission to cut a few trees.

We moved to an apartment this week. It is only a 10 minute drive from our farm. It’s just one big room but its big enough for us and has a solid internet connection speed. The pictures are of the apartment and the birds that hang out in our front area. Rain storms have been passing through. The rains are unseasonable for right now and everyone is talking about how much there is. Our friend Barbara’s barn roof blew off last night. The snake is one that I almost stepped on during a river walk. I was so scared. It’s non-poisonous, thank goodness.

Barry and I got some crazy ancient Chinese secret treatment done one day. I did not feel better or worse afterwards but it was fun to try.

We finally got our inspection from MINAE (the land conservation Ministry in Costa Rica) and the trees were cut yesterday. We asked for 10 to use to build our cabin. Barry has been helping Alfredo with the cleaning the trees and river maintenance. I have been getting the new place in order. On the first night I dropped a whole glass bottle of raw honey on the floor and last night I took the top off of my wine glass with a glavanized tube. I have not been the sharpest knife in the drawer lately but we have a lot going on! Our shipping container stuff arrived safe and sound. Barry has his cine-slider and I have my pampered chef cooking utensils. We now have twice the amount of stuff in a place that is half the size as our last place. We are doing fine, still waiting on word from immigration and to be able to live on our place.

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