International Arts Festival San Jose, Costa Rica

The International Arts Festival San Jose, Costa Rica. A long day but totally worth it.

I had a hell of a time convincing friends we should go to the International Arts Festival in San Jose, Costa Rica┬áthis March. It takes us a long time to get there, gas is expensive, we have to stay all night in a motel because I don’t like to drive at night here (potholes the size of moon craters) and finding someone to feed our dogs are all obstacles to us going to town for a day trip. I had read that the festival included booths from Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Korea as well as Costa Rican art dealers, so I really wanted to go. Things started falling into place, in my favor, without me really even trying. A friend who owns a dairy needed a special shipment of yogurt delivered to a big hotel in town and said she would pay for our gas, another friend said why don’t you stay all night with us and we still had not dropped off the CD of processed images to the beer company in Cartago and that we could do on the way home.

San Jose Art Festival

There were all kinds of cool art type things there. One section in which games were made entirely out of bicycle parts, a section of hand-crank driven wooden puzzles, sculptures made out of recycled materials and a sustainable development section. There was even a guy who was hand-making sandals and as you can tell by my expression, they were very expensive.

handmade shoes

Shoemaker Art Festival SJ


selling shoes

I’m surprised by the price

wooden shoe mold

Wooden Cobbler Mold


kid playing festival

Playtime Area at Festival


Bicycle Art

Bicycle Chicken at Festival

plastic botte tree

Plastic Bottle Tree in Art Area

bamboo posts

Bamboo Post Display

striped eucalyptus

Striped Eucalyptus Sabana Park

This bamboo walk through maze was set up as a meeting point for groups and these eucalyptus trees are a staple of Sabana Park where the event was held.
Finally, on our way back to our car we ran into this guy. He asked me what I was doing so far from home and I in turn asked the same of him. I told him that he smelled good and that I wished him well.

kfc costa rica

Kim & the Kentucky Colonel

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