Hummingbird Eggs Better Scrambled

Hummingbird Eggs in a Nest

Hummingbird Eggs in Nest We found another hummingbird nest and this time we found eggs instead of babies. We have had a lot of wind and rain here in the last two weeks and I keep wondering how those little eggs are making it. I just know that one of the baby birds is going to come out cross-eyed or with some kind short wing syndrome. I guess after they hatch if we hear a haw, haw instead of a tweet, tweet we know to be on the lookout for the dive-bombing one. The nest is about 2 inches wide and the eggs about 1/2 inch. The Mother sits on the nest on and off all day, which is more than a week ago so they are probably ready to crack. See our previous post Humming Bird Babies

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