Granular Glass Frog (Cochranella granulosa)

Glass Frogs have translucent skin so  you can see their intestines and bones.

To find a Glass Frog you must be out at night and searching along a stream with vegetation on the banks. Your best bet for finding one of these see through creatures is listening for the call, which is a high-pitched chirp. A male glass frog chooses a leaf that he thinks will be the most desirable to a female and after dark sends out a vocal invitation for love. Other male glass frogs hear the call and try to woo the female to their leaf by over-chirping their rival,therefore winning the right to mate with her.The surrounding area comes alive with a burst of sound as the males, much like taxi drivers at an airport, know that loud, constant noise always gets the most attention.

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Granular Glass Frog

The glass frog is a Granular glass frog. He was found by this mass of eggs near our stream in August. A male can watch over many masses of eggs.

This egg mass is on top of a leaf. Different glass frogs will place their eggs on the underside of leaves. The placement of the leaves is directly over a creek or stream so when the tadpole is ready to perform his first cannonball the water catches him safely.The tadpoles are ready to fall during rainy season. The rain helps hide them from predators as they descend into the water.

transparent frog eggs

transparent frog
see through frog

Green frog lighting

Glass frog smileLight the leaf from behind to see the tadpoles in their egg sacks.
glass frog overhead
Glass Frog pose



There are 100 species of glass frogs in the world and 13 of them can be found in Costa Rica.

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