Graffiti in Costa Rica’s Capital City – San Jose

Graffiti in Costa Rica – A Walk through San Jose

One thing that I don’t see often out in the country where I live is graffiti. It’s not that it’s not there it’s just so few and far between that I may hardly notice. We took a walk through San Jose, the capital city and found these gems. Each seemed to have a different artist and there was no notice of this being a project, just artistic expressions. If there was any congruence to the palettes I would have guessed someone paid to have these done but one piece of art was separated by someone’s tag and then a patch of missing paint led to another great work of art.

jaguar graffiti

Graffiti depicting jaguars

Backboard any of these and sell them at the local market is my advice.

More animal art

Gecko Circle Jerk

This next one blows me away. I love everything about it, from the flying saucers to the sharp tailed wind.

Wisdom Graffiti

Father Tree Gives Wisdom

People Art

I have no idea who these people are or if they are mere representations of personalities.

Female face graffiti

The Mustache was Added Later

Male face in graffiti

I Love This One

idyllic graffiti

Straight from a Children’s Book

street art mountain town

Everybody Wants to Live at the Top of the Mountain

green snake drawing

Snake Tongue Whiplash

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