Driving to Costa Rica – Fitting it all in

Driving to Costa Rica. Fitting it all in.

Hi all. This video shows how we put an entire house full of stuff into the back of an 1999 S10 pickup. Fun things about this leg of the trip included looking down at my ring finger half way through Wisconsin and not knowing where my wedding ring was and making egg salad sandwiches in a meijer parking lot during 30mph wind gusts. The editing of this video is bad and it is my fault! I tried to use Windows Live editor because we only have Premier on Barry’s computer and he was editing images. I wanted to get this out while we had internet access so I accepted the inferior quality & must move on. We arrived safely at Barry’s Aunt Sherry & Uncle Bill’s house & then headed out to Minnesota lake country to visit with his Grandparents. We visited a local wild rice processor & have some cool images to share. So until next time..

Fitting it all in from Barry Hovland on Vimeo.

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