End of July The Starplate Loveshack

End of July Building the Starplate Loveshack

It is the end of July 2009 and this is our loveshack that we’ll be living in while we build our house. It has all the walls now and has screen around the entire building. It is made using the starplate system. Barry & his Dad Peter built it last year. When we arrive in December, Barry is going to add running water, a place to poo and a shower. Or we will shower when it rains, dig a hole and drink from the spring.

The video of building the starplate system is here.

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Our flights to Ft. Myers & then to Ft. Lauderdale & then on to San Jose are booked. All of that was cheaper & more fun then flying directly out of Cincinnati! We are going to visit the new niece and then visit Pammy. We will stay in San Jose CR Monday through Friday just to make certain that we are able to turn in our paperwork to immigration & get our drivers licenses. We will also have a chance to explore San Jose. To date we only know it as a pain in the a** when coming from the airport and trying to find the access road to 32 to Limon. We get lost every time (with the exception of the time we took the bus, that was easy).

Our official leave date is September 15th which is less than 2 months away. Today I sold our telescope and we have several other items on craigslist. Hopefully, by this time next month we will be sleeping on an air mattress and watching our computer screens on the outdoor furniture. I’ve taken so may bags and boxes to charities and I still look at a basement that has to much stuff. We are silly humans.

If you haven’t heard yet Barry has made it to the semi-finals of the Windland Smith Rice photography contest. His image from the Smokies is in the category of Art in Nature. It’s a beautiful shot. If his image takes the award it will be shown in the Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C. It will be an extremely prestigious award.

We are having note cards made from Barry’s images. You will be able to buy packs of 4 note cards for an amazing price in the near future.

Barry’s birthday is August 4th. Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks. Love you, mean it.

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