Does the road mean progress? Well I do believe it does, I do believe it does.

Building in Costa Rica. Our all wood cabin and our new gravel road.

This is our new road and our progress on the cabin. The road has all the material it needs but the caterpillar needs to come back on Monday to flatten it down and make it nice. We have been driving on it for two days now! We put up the barbed wire fence while we are having our big wooden gate built. I cut myself on the barbed wire as some sort of bloody initiation (not on purpose mind you). The cabin is becoming sa-weet as you can see. We are going to varnish this so it retains all of its natural luster. While building the road Barry came upon a sloth in the trees. He lives next to our bamboo and he is cute and fuzzy and moldy and we love him. His name is Stinky.

All of the work that you see on the cabin was done before the road was put in. We used trees from our property. We chain-sawed, milled and sanded them right on site. It’s been quite the experience.
We built the ceilings at 14 feet in order to let the hot air rise up out of our living space. We put vents along the sides and in the front and back and will use screen to keep animals and bugs out at night.

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