DIY Grid Spot for Pocket Strobe

How to make a Grid Spot for a pocket flash & why you need it.

A Grid Spot is a light modifyer used to funnel or concentrate light. When you don’t want your entire subject lit by the strobe use a grid spot to get light only where you want it. The concept is that the light travels through the many dark colored funnels reducing the spread. Studio and macro photography benefit most from this accessory.

DIY Grid Spot


– Black Coroplast, looks like plastic cardboard (Art Supply Stores)

– Gorilla Tape

– Really strong glue

– Adhesive Velcro strips

Cut enough square pieces of the black coroplast to the same width of your strobe head and decide on what length you want. Then, cut enough to match the height so that when you stack them it covers the entire strobe head.  Mine were 3 inches wide and it took eleven pieces to make a 1 7/8th inch wide Grid-spot.

Stack and glue the coroplast together to the same height as your strobe head.

Neatly wrap in Gorilla tape and make flaps to attach the velcro to your strobe.

I keep the soft side of the Velcro attached to my flash head at all times to allow me to attach soft-boxes, gels, grid-spots, bounce-cards, Better Beamers and other light modifiers of my own devising.

Something to consider; the wider or thicker you make your grid-spot the more concentrated the pattern of light will be coming out of your flash.  Below is an example of a 1 inch and 2 inch wide grid-spot.  I really like the pattern of the 2 inch grid-spot but have honestly never used the 1 inch, it is just too wide of a pattern for my taste.

grid spot diffuser

Example of Diffused light



Grid-Spots are great for creating a hair-light in portraits, vignettes in your backgrounds and concentrating light on a subject or area of your scene without it spilling over into other parts.

To See the Grid-Spot used in an image you can view this post on a DIY bat box.  Bat Photography

Attach to strobe and have fun! Feel free to comment or contact me with questions.

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