Construction Project in Costa Rica – Building the Guest Cabins.

Construction Project number two is going well

Cabin building Costa Rica

Building a cabin by hand

This is phase 2 of our building guest cabins project down here. It is coming along nicely, albeit slowly. This structure will contain two guest rooms, one bathroom, a kitchen with a wood burning pizza oven and an area just for hammocks and lounging around. Barry and Alfredo hand built the rock walls. We collected the rocks from a nearby river that is known for it’s beauty. The minerals make the water appear bright blue in the summer time. This along with the deep red of the rocks make for a beautiful place to take a dip. The walls will be from wood that we cut here on the property and the bathroom and floors will be ceramic tile. I am thinking of picking some funky colored tiles to give it a Caribbean feel but my eyes keep heading toward natural colors. I hope to get over my Mid-Western weakness and make it look like a rainbow threw up in there, who knows what will happen?

Concrete base for cabin

Socalo style means wall is half concrete and half wood


exterior of cabin

Nearing Project Completion

guest cabin construction

Basic Construction using Wood

The images above were the status of the project when the wife(me) left for the U.S. and when she returned from the U.S. The following images show the status of the project after the wife being home for just one week, which just goes to show that Men need women to give them motivation!

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