Common Tody Flycatcher

Common Tody Flycatcher Bird

In order to give guests a better bird watching area in front of the cabins we decided to take down a fairly young lime tree and an old, non-producing orange that were directly in front of the hammocks. The day we intended to do the work Barry had two little yellow birds (common tody flycatchers) making loud noises and fluttering all around him. He noticed that there was the start to a nest hanging off of the lime. Everyday for two weeks we watched both the Mom and the Dad make the cute little nest you see below.


The Happy Couple


After a while only one Common Tody Flycatcher was hanging around outside the nest. He would catch food that seemed way to big for him and then to kill it he would smack it repeatedly against the tree branch. After a Tyson-esque beating and a couple of tail wags he quickly flew into the nest to drop it off. After about two weeks more I was honored with seeing a puffy little gray feathered bird fly from the nest to a nearby branch and start its new life on our farm.

The End.

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