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7 Super Shots

7 Super Shots We received an e-mail from Erin at nominating us to participate in a blog/photography game started by Hostelbookers. I have only met Erin thorugh her blog and email but I know that I would very much enjoy meeting her face to face. She also lives in Costa Rica and blogs about her experiences here. I like

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Going Beyond the Tourist Experience – Stay with a Peace Corps Volunteer

How to get the very best vacation on a budget. Stay with a Peace Corps Volunteer. If you are interested in going beyond the traditional tourist experience, call a Peace Corps volunteer. Seriously, these volunteers live in the most remote villages of the country, speak the language, find the best, cheapest places to eat and

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tanzanian children collecting firewood

Chores of Tanzanian Children

Tanzanian children collecting firewood before school. A common chore among Tanzanian children is to collect firewood before school. They carry sticks on their heads and either take the firewood to the Headmaster or back home. This image was taken in Iringa Region, Njombe District. When you have to collect your resources whenever they are available you must take

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