Cabin completion? Check – Building in Costa Rica (Video)

Building our first wood cabin in the country.

Oh yeah, the cabin is finally completed. We have moved in and live on our farm now. It’s lovely and beautiful and wonderful.

Barry received notice of his residency approval this week also so we celebrated a bit. I went to Panama and bought a bunch of alcohol since it’s about 1/2 price there. We grilled out pork chops and baked potatoes and drank Panama beer. I looked for a Panama hat for Barry but couldn’t find one, maybe next time.
I’m posting pic’s for those of you who don’t have enough time to watch the 5 minute video. The video shows the farm, the cabin and most of the food that we have growing.

What the video doesn’t have is the picture of the town drunk that passed out on our front steps the first day we moved in. His name is Mario and we gave him some yard work for a few months. He came by the first day, wasted and asking if he could borrow 2,000 colones which is about $4. I said that we were busy and I went back into the cabin to finish cleaning the bathroom. After about 7 minutes he had passed out on the steps with a big snot bubble hanging out of his nose. Barry, being a photographer rushed to help him, I mean get his picture. We ended up going back to the apartment to get another load of stuff and when we came back he was gone and we haven’t seen him since. Good times.

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