Baudin or Mexican Tree Frog (Smilisca baudinii)

Baudin’s Tree Frog

This frog is also called the Mexican Tree Frog.  It is not endangered and has been found in many different climates from Mexico to Costa Rica on both the Atlantic and Pacific slopes. This Mexican Tree Frog is one of the largest and most widely found frogs in Costa Rica. The male can be as big as 3 inches and females are a lanky 3 1/2 inches.

It was very friendly and easy to work with but we did have him out in the morning and these frogs are normally active at night, so he was probably just tired. We hear the males calling out at night and just like at a frat party if you have one loud male, you have several loud males.

Smilisca baudinii

Smilisca baudinii natural

I get to be the helper a lot during our photo shoots. I am always more willing to help when we have cute frogs and less likely to come out of the house when Barry is shooting snakes. As you can see the frog was going in for the Prince Kiss just as much as I was. Love is better when it’s shared. Although, after a while he became very clingy.

Smilisca baudinii in human hand

mexican tree frog

Smilisca baudinii dangling

It’s interesting to hear many strange sounds in the night and be then able to identify them later. This Smilisca is related to the Masked Smilisca that is a model for most of our products with frog designs.

Smilisca baudinii climbing

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