7 Super Shots

We received an e-mail from Erin at Delapuravida.com nominating us to participate in a blog/photography game started by Hostelbookers. I have only met Erin thorugh her blog and email but I know that I would very much enjoy meeting her face to face. She also lives in Costa Rica and blogs about her experiences here. I like to read her posts because even though she is in the same country her life is extremely different from ours. These are her 7 Super shots. Barry and I looked through our images and decided to take part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. The rules are simple, they list 7 different categories and we post our 7 pictures that we feel fit each one.

A Photo that

1.) Takes our breath away

This is the Destierro River in Limon Costa Rica. We passed this river for about 4 years and everytime Barry said “I’m going to get that shot one day”. For one reason or another we never stopped there. He either didn’t have his camera gear with him, it was raining or the river was flooded from the previous rain. So many times he looked out the passenger side window and longed for that shot. About a year and a half ago, the farm was sold to someone who put up a very serious barbed wire fence. Barry thought that he would never get down there now. One day we finally decided to stop and ask a neighbor about it. She said that the new owner wasn’t very nice but she knew of another access point behind her property. She let us use her path and even gave us some coffee.

2.) Makes us laugh or smile

parrot snake costa rica

This green parrot snake was chasing a gecko up a banana tree when we came upon him. He was only shy for about 5 minutes and then started moving around in the leaves in what appeared to be an attempt to get a better look at us. The snakes we find are always trying to get a way from us, but not this guy. I think he wanted his picture taken.

3.) Makes us dream

This image is from Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee. The colors and the shapes remind us of another world made of paper mache.

4.) Makes us think

We titled this image “Inside a Hermits House” because that is basically what it is. When we bought our farm in Costa Rica there was a caretaker that lived in this place. He was originally from El Salvador, didn’t read or write and didn’t have much in the way of assets. He never married but did have a child that he had not seen in 12 years. This is essentially his bachelors pad and should serve as a reminder to men that women are the key to clean living : ).

5.) Makes our mouths water

This speaks for itself, no caption necessary. Plus, this was a paying gig!

6.) Tells a story

This is one of my favorite images of Barry’s portfolio. These two Tanzanian boys are watching their Father fish in a small hand dug fish pond. They are learning how to use an old mosquito net to trap all of the tilapia on one side of the pond so that they are more easily collected. The littlest boy is holding a banana leaf that he will use to wrap a fish to give as a gift to the land owner. The most amazing thing about this photo to me is that there is a 6 foot, red-haired caucasian man standing behind a large tripod making clicking sounds with his camera and they are not even interested. Barry got to know this family while serving in Peace Corps so having him around with his camera was not a big deal.

7.) We are the most proud of

This is a Hog-nosed Rainforest Pit Viper. It is the most striking (pun intended) snake that we have found on our farm. This snake is beauty in nature. We are very careful not to harm ourselves or the snakes.


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