Wildlife Information Zone Costa Rica – 100+ articles

Our Wildlife Information Zone articles are why we get up in the morning. Every time we encounter some new creature, be it a bird, reptile or mammal, we get to study it.

This collection of nature images showcase the variety of life that exists here in Costa Rica. I research the creature and add the interesting information to the article. I normally tell you how we came upon it, what it was doing at the time and then any special characteristics it may have. If you have any questions about any of the animals or plants please leave a comment and we will answer it to the best of our availability. All Wildlife Information Zone Costa Rica 100+ articles.

The places portion of our wildlife travel zone includes the places we have visited which amazed us. Generally in Costa Rica it’s just about everywhere we go. We take you into the jungle, the mountains, the caves and the water. Whether it’s the mineral pools of Yellowstone during our U.S. National Park trip, the mating habits of glass frogs or the simple life of the sloth we have intimate images of the gift that is this earth.