Tropical Night Lizard (Lepidophyma flavimaculatum)

This Tropical Night Lizard was found at approximately 10 & 83 under some leaf litter at an elevation of 50 meters, during the day.

This Tropical Night Lizard is generally found under leaf litter or decaying logs as much of its diet is comprised of termites. It occurs in the lowlands of Mexico through to Panama. This was found on the Atlantic coast of CR at 50 meters above sea level. We have seen others at 100 meters.

There is a plate on its head and square plates on its belly. They are considered a medium sized lizard with no movable eyelid. It clears dirt from its eye with its tongue. This photo clearly shows the yellow spots and granularity on the body.

Even though the name suggests that you would only see this lizard at night the Tropical Night Lizard is actually diurnal. The book we have says that these are rarely seen but we have at least 3 here.

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