Tropical Gnatcatcher

A Tropical Gnatcatcher Bird

This is a sad story.

I saw what appeared to be a little bird fall from one of our young mango trees. I went to it to see where it came from and to see if we could put it back, but I couldn’t find the nest. I looked in every tree around and found nothing. The baby bird was making a constant needy “cheap,cheap,cheap” and the mother was replying from a nearby tree. We searched the entire evening and had even thought about getting an old nest from another bird and putting it in a tree so that its mom could get to it. We finally decided that nature takes care of itself and that we should leave it be. The baby found himself a little perch on our tomato cage where he was protected from the rain and stopped chirping at about 7pm. The next morning I went to check on him as soon as I woke up. He had fallen off the tomato cage and lay there lifeless on his side. I guess nature had other plans for him.

*Note to my niece Britney – Make sure that when you leave the nest you are READY! : )

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3 comments on “Tropical Gnatcatcher”

  1. carolyn tait Reply

    oh man. sad. the pics are just wonderful, however. maybe that was this birdie’s sole purpose, to be a lovely model. <3

  2. Art Sulenski Reply

    Sad to say that these things happen. We’ve had a flycatcher build a nest right outside our upstairs bedroom window. No problem till the tree limbs were being trimmed back to stop their scrapping on the house and window. We didn’t know there was a nest close to where the limbs were trimmed. Mom abandoned the nest but all was not lost, one of CR’s robins moved in and is now raising young there. We are trying very hard to get more birds to either just stop by our feeders or build nests in the area, love to listen to them singing when I set outside with my morning cup of CR coffee. Thanks for trying to help the little one.

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