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Wet Three Toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloth Rescue in Limon Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Three-Toed Sloth Rescue Video in Limon Costa Rica A Thunderstorm Knocked Stinky, the Three-Toed Sloth from a Tree We recently had some events happen here on the farm that were cause for great distress but as you know periods of great distress are often followed by relief and happiness. When the storms come here there

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New Shoes for the New Year in Costa Rica! (Video)

New Year’s| Celebrating a New Year in Costa Rica December 7th completed our first year here in Costa Rica. The New Year’s party we attended definitely gave us hope for the upcoming year. I bought a pair of new shoes for the new year and danced all night on a gravel driveway in them (not the

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A Tamale on Plate

Making Tamales for Christmas in Costa Rica (Video)

A video on making tamales for christmas in Costa Rica. How we did our part by getting leaves from the yuti growing in our yard. We were lucky enough this year to have some friends invite us over to make tamales, which is a Christmas tradition here in Costa Rica. Our involvement was to bring

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steaming pejibaye

Pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes) Peach Palm – Harvesting to Cooking (VIDEO)

Harvesting, Cooking and Preparing Pejibaye, Peach Palm Fruit Pejibaye, or Peach Palm, is a squash type fruit that grows high in the leaves of an extremely spiny and dangerous palm tree here in Costa Rica. Twice a year this palm opens up a huge clam shell leaf and white seeds hang on strings from it,

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Cabin completion? Check – Building in Costa Rica (Video)

Building our first wood cabin in the country. Oh yeah, the cabin is finally completed. We have moved in and live on our farm now. It’s lovely and beautiful and wonderful. Barry received notice of his residency approval this week also so we celebrated a bit. I went to Panama and bought a bunch of

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Utah National Parks – Moab, Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce Canyon

Utah National Parks – Moab, Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce Canyon This video was taken in early November during our road trip of 2010. We loved Utah’s parks and beer. If you look back into the archives of this site you will find our Zion National Park video and the 6 pack firestarter video, both also shot

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Natural Water Slide Costa Rica

Swimming with Birds & Monkeys & Building the Cabin

Swimming with birds & monkeys & Building the cabin in Costa Rica Enjoying Nature in Costa Rica while building the cabin, our video You may notice that Barry is editing this video. He claims that in the past I would make fun of him by being biased in what clips I decided to use. I vehemently deny the

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Death Valley National Park and Rhyolite Ghost Town

Our Trip through Death Valley National Park and Rhyolite Ghost Town During our U.S. Road trip we stopped at Death Valley National Park. Kim first saw the campsite and she was not sure about staying there. It was, by far, the ugliest campground she had seen up to this point. It looked boring and dusty

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Butter, Bounty and the Toucan – Our new life in Costa Rica Begins (VIDEO)

Making Butter, Collecting Fruit and the Birds – Our new life in Costa Rica Begins We arrived on December 7th and it has rained every day save for three since then. The Caribbean rainy season can last until February and then begins again in August. It is the rain that keeps everything this lovely shade

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heliconia flower

Why we decided to fly, not drive to Costa Rica

Fying instead of Driving and Shipping our stuff to Costa Rica This is an update on our trip. We were planning to drive to Costa Rica this week but have decided to fly instead. There are several factors that went in to this decision, some I consider to be “everything happens for a reason” reasons.

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yellowstone bison mist

Yellowstone National Park and the Hat Fairy

Yellowstone National Park Video Camping in Yellowstone was sold out the 1st night so we had to go to Gardiner, Montana. The little town was able to charge astronomical prices for everyday items and lodging because of the proximity to the park. We ended up spending about $100 on groceries and $135 for a little

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Plans to move to Costa Rica

Driving to Costa Rica – Fitting it all in

Driving to Costa Rica. Fitting it all in. Hi all. This video shows how we put an entire house full of stuff into the back of an 1999 S10 pickup. Fun things about this leg of the trip included looking down at my ring finger half way through Wisconsin and not knowing where my wedding

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Costa Rica License Plate

The Hovlands get Fingerprinted – Applying for Residency in Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Applying for Residency in Costa Rica In early August we went back to Costa Rica to apply for residency. We stayed in San Jose proper which is unusual for us, as we normally get straight on a bus to Siquirres and never get to see the big city. We decided that after business was was finished that

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