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steaming pejibaye

Pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes) Peach Palm – Harvesting to Cooking (VIDEO)

Harvesting, Cooking and Preparing Pejibaye, Peach Palm Fruit Pejibaye, or Peach Palm, is a squash type fruit that grows high in the leaves of an extremely spiny and dangerous palm tree here in Costa Rica. Twice a year this palm opens up a huge clam shell leaf and white seeds hang on strings from it,

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Our Cacao Trees and How We Make Nibs

Cacao trees, fruits and how we roast the beans to make nibs We have approximately 25 cacao trees here on our farm in Costa Rica. Some of the trees have been hacked at over time in order to put up fencing and many had been left neglected with life sucking vines covering them. For the

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