Red Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

Images of a Red Eyed Tree Frog found in Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica.

Red-eyed tree frog jumping

He appears to shut his eyes when he jumps


Tree frogs all have adhesive disks and webbing between their fingers and toes. They all have bulging eyes and can pretty much get as flat as they want. In fact, while photographing these frogs it was difficult to re-position them because there was no way to get them unstuck from the leaf they were on. We used a branch, slowly rolled it underneath them and eventually they would  grab on with their fingers.

Red Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

This frog is a tree frog but due to its distinct characteristics it has also have been classified in a sub-family of leaf frogs. Many call this the most photographed frog in the world and why? Just look at the pictures. It has brilliant blues, oranges, yellows and those gorgeous red eyes with vertical pupils.

These frogs can normally be found high in the tree-tops but during long periods of rain these frogs get more active. At night they travel down to ponds for breeding. The male hops on the female’s back and they go together to a protected area around non-moving water. The female drops the 30 or so eggs and the male puts his fertilizer all over them. They can do this as many as five times in one night. Go froggies!

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red Eyed Tree Frog Relaxed



Red Eyed Tree Frog walking

Full Stretch


Red eyed Tree Frog Profile

Relaxed Pose


Red eyed tree frog reach

Reaching Out


Red eyed tree frog flower

Hugging a Flower


Red Eyed leaf frog direct

Direct stare


Notice the transparent gold colored membrane covering his eyes. This is his lower eyelid and actually comes up from the bottom when the frog is sleeping and jumping.

Red eyed leaf frog sleeping




Red Eyed Leaf Frog


Red eyed tree frog relaxed



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  2. TrevorChilton Reply

    Incredible photography! Definitely in the category of the best of the best.


  3. eileen Reply

    love your pictures barry, what cute frogs they look like they have a personality because of how they look. Kim thank you for the info on them. Are they on your farm? Miss you guys, Aunt Eileen

  4. Lori Reply

    Great job Barry with the pictures you took with the Red Eyed Tree Frog. Enjoyed looking at them.

  5. Cindy Reply

    Ha, I love the upside down frogs! Beautiful pictures, and informative. Because of previous blogs I know how much work these photos took! Hope house is proceeding well!

  6. John Engelman Reply

    Great post Kim, brilliant photos Barry. Enjoy following your journey.

  7. Erin Van Rheenen Reply

    These are amazing! Barry, you’re just getting better and better. I especially like the one where the red-eyed tree frog looks as if its walking upright on very long legs.

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