Pineapples are a big business here in Costa Rica. The big companies use chemicals, to keep pests down, that are poisoning the water. In some cases, they are made to replace a towns water supply with another source but few are made to clean up the existing mess. There are rows and fields and entire tracks of land all dedicated to pineapples here. They run for as far as the eye can see. We plant our pineapples from babies that grow directly from a mother plant that we were told was heirloom. A pineapple takes about 9 months to mature and produce more babies.

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  1. Betty Schmitt Reply

    Caryn took us to a Pineapple plantation but it was a long long walking tour so we didn’t take it but Marlene went into the office & came out with some dried pineapple pieces, they were as good as fresh & I never saw dried pineapple in USA.

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