Cabins – A Quiet Place to Stay

The Laurel and Socalo cabins are in an intimate and natural setting. Allow yourself to be taken back by the wonder of the natural world.

*Long term occupants for the Laurel cabin wanted. 


Your options for a long term rental on our farm are this beautifully, hand-crafted, rustic wood cabin with a full kitchen (including fridge), ceiling fan and en-suite bathroom with hot water shower.  An oven, coffee maker, plates and utensils.

The Laurel cabin has one bed and has a cot for an additional person. Screened windows.

wood guest cabin

Large wood cabin with full kitchen


Wood Cabin

Outside Deck

Socalo Cabins

Two fully-screened guest rooms, a cooking area, shared bathroom, a campfire area and plenty of hammocks. Fruit trees on all sides so that you can enjoy viewing the wildlife as soon as you wake up in the morning.


cabin Costa Rica

Two rooms and shared living space

Patio bird watching

Outdoor patio

hammock area

Relaxing Hammocks

room basic

Room with natural rock wall


basic quiet stay

Basic, Clean Accommodations

butterfly mosaic

Butterfly Room

All of our buildings have been made from trees here on the farm. Some structure posts were supplemented because I did not have the appropriate size growing here but I have replanted every type of tree that was used and plus some! The sand for the concrete and the rocks that we build walls with come from the Barbilla river. I have built everything with the help of local labor. I get much of my food from the farmers of San Miguel including eggs, milk, chicken and cheese. You are free to roam the property and pick food to use in your meals. The place is natural, even the Ticos say so.

Long term rentals only. This property is not available for short term rentals. Thanks. 

Take a farm tour so I can show you what food you are welcome to use. There is banana, plantain, sugar, cassava, cacao (Making Chocolate), squash and various fruit trees you can pick from.
There are optional tours such as a night walk through the stream, a swimming trip in the nearby Barbilla River or a village walk for $15/small group.