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You could stay at an all-inclusive resort on the beach but you just might forget what country you are in and that would be a shame.

Directions & Information for accommodations Costa Rica – 10degreesabove@gmail.com or (506) 8307-9218, skype ten.degrees.above. Please, please, please call or e-mail first!

Our 22 acre farm is on the lush Caribbean side of Costa Rica in a little town named San Miguel. We chose San Miguel because it is small, quaint and close to the Limon cities but is in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range. The closest volcano is Turrialba, the closest National Park is Barbilla followed by Tortuguero and the beach is a 40 minute drive away.

* A renowned Biologist recently stayed with us and commented that we had an amazing amount of wildlife for a medium sized farm. 

Our farm is one half the distance from San Jose to Puerto Viejo Limon which makes us a good stopping point before you head to the Caribbean beaches. We have bird watching stations throughout the farm and see Keel Billed Toucans, Mot-Mot’s, Mannakins, Hawk-Eagles, Falcons, Green Parrots, Blue Headed Parrots and Hummingbirds, everyday. We also have a 1 mile long Forest Trail that winds through the farm. A Cabecar Indian reserve behind us higher in the mountains. If you would like to see and learn about the Costa Rican lifestyle or are starting your project and need someone who knows the area there is no better place to stay. We have fresh, clean water to drink.


kayak canals



A Quiet Place to Stay

For current rates see our cabin page. Please bring bio-degradeable personal products, if possible.

All of our buildings have been made from trees here on our farm. We had to supplement some structure posts because we did not have the appropriate size growing here but we have replanted every type of tree that we have used and plus some! The sand for the concrete and the rocks that we build walls with come from the Barbilla river. We have built everything ourselves with the help of local labor. We get much of our food from the farmers of San Miguel including eggs, milk, chicken and cheese. You are free to roam the property and pick food to use in your meals. Our place is natural, even the Tico’s say so.

10 Degrees Above is only 3km off of the main route of 32. We have a store and small restaurant in San Miguel for all the supplies you need and a bar that sells alcohol.

Weekly and monthly rates are available.

Every stay includes a farm tour so we can show you what food you are welcome to use. We have bananas, plantain, sugar, cassava, cacao (Making Chocolate), squash and various fruit trees you can pick from.
We have optional tours such as a night walk through the stream, a swimming trip in the nearby Barbilla River or a village walk for $15/small group.

Here is a review of our place on TripAdvisor10 Degrees Above

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  1. Robert douglas

    Just a ???. what are your monthly rental rates?. Love the area. Thank you. Papa

    • Kimberly Beck

      I sent you an e-mail regarding our monthly rates. We are very interested in a permanent to semi-permanent renter for our Laurel cabin.

  2. Eric Robinson

    I like your description, photos and articles on you AHCR page! If we could work out transportation, it’s a interesting tour my hotel Adventure Inn could offer, three day/two night all-inclusive Costa Rica photography workshop, or make it a part of a longer vacation, you meet them in Siquirres after rafting the Pacuare then arranging transportation on to Puerto Viejo, that’s going to take some thought.

  3. Stuart Estra

    Hi Barry & Kim,
    I want to thank you again for being my Christmas Angels and rescuing my car for me and my dog Savannah. You went above the call of duty and I really appreciated that. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If there is any thing I can do for you let me know.
    By the way your place looks great and I like your website.
    I would love to come visit your property.

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