Hummingbird Babies

Hummingbird Babies

I happened upon this hummingbird nest with hummingbird babies in it as I was doing yard work. The nest is only about 8 feet above the ground and securely nestled in a Manu Plantano tree. I probably wouldn’t have noticed them if I had not seen the mommy hummingbird flying to it. They are the Rufous-tailed variety. The mother hummingbird normally only lays two eggs so it is exciting that both these little guys made it. We estimate that they are about two weeks old because they are just starting to get their green feathers.
Barry put a ladder close and attached a soft-box to his camera in order to get these shots without disturbing the hummingbird babies. See close up shots of the nest and eggs here Hummingbird Eggs

hummingbird babies
hummingbird babies close up
hummingbird babies nested

8 comments on “Hummingbird Babies”

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  2. Alex Reply

    wow, the babies really blend in with the leaves and their nest. good eye kim!

  3. Anna Webb Reply

    The detail in these photos is magnificent. These are exciting, indeed – and so so beautiful!

    • joan Reply

      love your photos & stories
      are you ready for 4 tourists next jan (2013)

      we would like to camp in your yard if you have accomodations
      our friends are almost as old as we are but they can work in the garden & he is a drywaller
      we have spent time in cr with them 20 yrs ago

      this would be a great trip for us ..much to learn & appreciate

      love joan

      • Kimberly Reply

        January is one of the best months to visit. We will be anxiously awaiting your arrival. We do have a 2 bedroom cabina with kitchenette that you could stay in so that you don’t have to pack tenting supplies though. Whichever you choose you just let us know. – Kim and Barry

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