Farm Food Ceviche Banano – Banana Ceviche

Banana Ceviche – how to use green bananas to make a fresh chilled soup

Ceviche is a cold soup normally made with seafood or white fish. Most often the best ceviche is found served from the back of a pick-up truck along the side of the road. The cook, or driver as we like to call him, has used a can of spray paint and added C-E-V-I-C-H-E to the trucks already beautiful paint job. He parks in an empty parking lot so that you can pull over and enjoy without worrying about getting hit. It is so refreshing to have a cold citrus food on a hot day. Barry loves it so much we decided to make our own. I have nixed the tilapia pond idea so we make what is called poor mans ceviche because we use all ingredients from our farm, Bananas being the fish replacement. We only have to buy the garlic, salt and sugar (It’s still growing!). Oh and our cilantro looks different from what you are used to. It is a natural type that grows here called cule-antro. It doesn’t have the coriander type seeds. The seeds look more like lettuce.

This is so easy and delicious!

Banana Ceviche:

6 Large or 15 Fingerling Bananas GREEN

10-12 limes juiced (about 3/4 cup)

1 Large Tomato, chopped

A Handful of Cilantro

8 Cloves Garlic

1 Medium Onion

1 Tbsp Salt

3 Tbsp Sugar

Handful of small sweet peppers or 1 Bell Pepper (Red is prettier), chopped

1 Green Onion, chopped

Season to taste with Spicier Peppers


Green Bananas have a very sticky latex so when you cut and peel them do it under running water and keep a lime handy as the citric acid will break down the latex. Slice bananas into bite sized pieces.  Boil bananas until soft as pictured above. Separate bananas from liquid and add Salt and Sugar while they are cooling down. Keep reserve liquid handy.

Put the lime juice, onion, garlic and cilantro in food processor (or just chop together). Pour this over bananas and then add the rest of the ingredients. Use reserve liquid to make the it more soupy. Put in Fridge to let flavors mix together. Serve chilled.

By the way, Barry has been going out at night catching river shrimp from our creek. They are kinda like Craw-Daddys but can grow as large as lobsters. It will only take 5 more nights of shrimpin’ to make a complete meal :). See our other farm recipes.

6 comments on “Farm Food Ceviche Banano – Banana Ceviche”

  1. mary Reply

    🙂 Surprising enough, we do have some down with us…immigration graciously lets us bring a suitcase full!

  2. mary Reply

    We have a banana tree growing in front of our house in Costa Rica, I asked a local if I can make anything with green bananas and he excitedly yelled “ceviche”! So thank you for the recipe, will try it today!

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  4. Darby Geiszler Reply

    Barry did the crawfish hunt with g’pa at Jolly Fisherman Resort. They would go out at dark with flashlights and catch them. We had a 5 gal pail the one time when we went to the neighbors for the feast.
    Love your haircut, Barry. Lookin’ good.
    take good care, love g’ma

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