Don’t get mossed in the forest

Forest near Quetzal National Park, San Isidro

This scene is from high up in the Costa Rican mountains near San Isidro. They are opening a new National Park there aptly names Parque Nacional Quetzal, because of the frequency of seeing the famed quetzal birds there. We were driving back from Playa Uvita and stopped in the mountains for lunch. The temps were so nice we decided to take a walk on the new trails. I actually got to hug my husband for the first time since we have been in Costa Rica. It is normally to hot during our hikes. We have plans to go back ; ).

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    Wow, you guys, that's green! We love the colors and dense tree coverage there; sort of like our forests up here in the PacNW. Love Costa Rica; love your work!

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