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Dwarg Tropical Orchid

Flowers Costa Rica that Exist on Our Farm in Limon

Flowers Costa Rica – A sampling of the many flowers we have here in San Miguel. The first plants pictured are considered air plants or Epiphytic plants. They grow on tree branches and collect water in the cone of their leaves. They don’t need soil to live. The small white one is a Dwarf Orchid that grows on

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Common Tody Flycatcher Bird

Common Tody Flycatcher

Common Tody Flycatcher Bird In order to give guests a better bird watching area in front of the cabins we decided to take down a fairly young lime tree and an old, non-producing orange that were directly in front of the hammocks. The day we intended to do the work Barry had two little yellow

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Starting the New Business Costa Rica

Starting the business Costa Rica. Our experience with building our expectations. I remember talking up our business plan to anyone that would listen back in early 2010. “We are going to build our portfolio as we drive across the U.S.A. and then open a Bed and Breakfast that offers Photography Classes in Costa Rica.” The star-shine in

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DIY Beehive Stingless Bees

DIY Beehive for Stingless Bees We have been wanting to practice bee keeping for a long time. In the U.S. we read books, watched videos and even had the opportunity to visit a beekeeper in Kentucky who gave us a full ticket tour of his farm and hives. We learned a lot and were excited

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7 Super Shots

7 Super Shots We received an e-mail from Erin at nominating us to participate in a blog/photography game started by Hostelbookers. I have only met Erin thorugh her blog and email but I know that I would very much enjoy meeting her face to face. She also lives in Costa Rica and blogs about her experiences here. I like

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Buy it or Make it?

Buy it or Make it? Do we have to buy everything or can we just make it ourselves? Barry and his Dad made an oven, Barry is making just about everything under the sun and I made curtains! On a recent trip to San Jose I found some lovely Guatemalan fabric in a store downtown.

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Country Living in San Miguel

Country Living in Costa Rica – Clinic Visit & Rollerskating  You probably already know that we live in the country. After all, we do have a cow, pig and chicken farm to the North, South and East of us and the farms above us in the mountains are all grazing land for cattle. It might

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Wet Three Toed Sloth

Three-Toed Sloth Rescue in Limon Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Three-Toed Sloth Rescue Video in Limon Costa Rica A Thunderstorm Knocked Stinky, the Three-Toed Sloth from a Tree We recently had some events happen here on the farm that were cause for great distress but as you know periods of great distress are often followed by relief and happiness. When the storms come here there

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New Shoes for the New Year in Costa Rica! (Video)

New Year’s| Celebrating a New Year in Costa Rica December 7th completed our first year here in Costa Rica. The New Year’s party we attended definitely gave us hope for the upcoming year. I bought a pair of new shoes for the new year and danced all night on a gravel driveway in them (not the

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A Tamale on Plate

Making Tamales for Christmas in Costa Rica (Video)

A video on making tamales for christmas in Costa Rica. How we did our part by getting leaves from the yuti growing in our yard. We were lucky enough this year to have some friends invite us over to make tamales, which is a Christmas tradition here in Costa Rica. Our involvement was to bring

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Araza Fruit seeds

Araza Fruit, Araca Boi (Eugenia stipitata) – Smoothie ingredient

Araza Fruit, Araca Boi (Eugenia stipitata) Identification & Uses Araza a really sour, yellow, softball sized fruit that has a thin outer peel. So thin in fact that this fruit is not exported because it travels so poorly. Its center is filled with seeds and the surrounding flesh is creamy with an extremely pleasant smell.  

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Building Guest Cabin

Construction Project in Costa Rica – Building the Guest Cabins.

Construction Project number two is going well This is phase 2 of our building guest cabins project down here. It is coming along nicely, albeit slowly. This structure will contain two guest rooms, one bathroom, a kitchen with a wood burning pizza oven and an area just for hammocks and lounging around. Barry and Alfredo

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Home for the Holidays?

An Expat’s Experience visiting home for Thanksgiving. I recently returned from a 18 day trip to my hometown in the U.S., Cincinnati, Ohio. It was during Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season. I found  Thanksgiving a great time to be home. During Thanksgiving week I saw family, old friends, new babies and people

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An Age Old Question – Starting a New Life in your 40’s

Starting a New Life at 40? What was I thinking? We stayed overnight at a friend’s house recently so that we could be there early the next morning to catch their great green macaw saying “Quiero Café” or “I want coffee”. Cocito comes into the house sits on the back of his own chair and

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Our Cacao Trees and How We Make Nibs

Cacao trees, fruits and how we roast the beans to make nibs We have approximately 25 cacao trees here on our farm in Costa Rica. Some of the trees have been hacked at over time in order to put up fencing and many had been left neglected with life sucking vines covering them. For the

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