How to make a DIY Camera Trap (Video)

How to make and use an Infrared Camera Trap

How-to’s and uses of using a DIY Phototrap to capture photographs of animals and birds. A Phototrap is a device that uses an Infrared beam (much like in a garage door or a home alarm) to send a signal to your camera every time the invisible beam is broken. This type of device can be very useful when photographing elusive animals, extreme weather, all night long when you need the sleep or just the having ability to photograph in more than one location.

In this video, you can see how to build and use an infrared camera trap.

It comprehensively explains the parts and the features. It was put it together using some old and some new parts. The video also includes some examples of the photographs it captured and tips and tricks for making your own. Each part is clearly displayed and its purpose defined.

You can also see how he attracts birds to a tree set up, sets up the lighting and the end results.

How to use a Phototrap Game &

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or tips on how we can improve our own camera trap.

4 comments on “How to make a DIY Camera Trap (Video)”

  1. Casey Reply

    Awesome! I’ve been saving for a game cam, but this is more my style. Just not sure how I’ll trip the camera I have …

  2. Scott Reply

    Very, very cool. The video completely caught me off guard when you took it outside: I was expecting a lush tropical background, lol. Thanks for mentioning where you got the sensor, too.

    • Kimberly Beck Reply

      We were missing the great white North so I went through some of our stuff from back home & decided that this video needed recycling.

  3. denis Reply

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to give me more detail how you remote shutter is conected to the extension phone wire and to the LCD board from snipershot

    thank you

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