A tranquil food farm where wildlife lives freely. 

Take a tour on the wildlife filled canals of Tortuguero, visit Cahuita National Park for wildlife and beach time.

Don’t miss the Wildlife Information Zone  to learn about reptiles, sloths and other crazy wildlife found right here on the farm in the quiet town of San Miguel, Limon Costa Rica. The bulk of information on this site resides here. 

Feel free to search through the volumes of information on what it has been like living here. Learn about how foods are taken right from the garden and used in meals, how low impact building techniques were used to build structures and the beautiful places Costa Rica has to offer.

The rustic, hand-made wood cabins are available as a long term rental only. A stay on the 10 Degrees Above farm is like no other. It includes an educational local plants and medicines tour. Enhancing your knowledge is my pleasure.